Investing In A Smarter Security Gate

June 12th, 2024

According to the American Bureau of Justice, right around 3.7 million homes get burglarized in the United States each year. In most cases, criminals make their way into a home using the front door. Knowing that breaking into a window or sneaking around the back looks suspicious, burglars have smartened up to casually use front entrances to make their way into homes less likely to be noticed. For this reason, it’s important to protect your entryway, and to do so with a smart security gate that keeps potential criminals out.

What Should I Consider When Choosing My Security Gate?

There are a number of things to consider when choosing the right security gate for you. Naturally, you will want the gate to be able to keep unwanted individuals out, but what about keeping your family inside? Are you interested in convenient use? User friendly installation? With modern security technology, there is a perfect security gate out there for everyone.

A few things to put on your “to consider” list when choosing a security gate are:

  • The opening – The opening mechanism of any gate is important. There are those that slide vertically to open, those that slide horizontally to open, and those that swing inward or outward to allow you in or outside. If you plan to use your gate to keep your children and pets safe and secure, the opening you choose is more important than ever. In these instances, a sliding gate may be more secure than one that swings, as it adds an extra layer of protection on top of a gate lock. Sliding a gate upward or over is typically a touch more difficult than one that opens up with a simple push and swing maneuver.
  • The movability of your gate – If you plan to take your security gate with you when you move away, that’s another consideration to take before choosing the best one to install at your home. Some security gates are simpler to break down and take along, while others are built into the ground to become a permanent fixture at the residence.
  • How your security gate functions – The way your security gate functions will also make a big difference, and this refers to the type of security that keeps your gate safe. Locks, control access passcodes, and alarm systems can all be installed onto security gates, creating layered protection for your home. Some modern security systems may even be controlled remotely, allowing you to control your security gate from a vacation destination, from your workplace, or from anywhere using your smartphone device.

Why A Security Gate?

A security gate not only protects your home’s entryway, it also makes your entire perimeter safer. If your , property has a pool area, they may also be used to ensure pool safety on top of security to your entire property. Security gates create that important first layer to your home security system, and one that will deter those with ill intent from making their way close to your home at all.

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